Educational Conferences

Didactics are held every Wednesday afternoon from 1-4 PM in the residency suite.  The lectures for a given block are in the same division of pediatric medicine.  For example, this year block 3 was Pediatric Emergency Medicine focused.  It is our hope that this will enable the residents to focus their study time as they do questions and other readings in the same discipline for a given block.

Grand Rounds:
Grand Rounds sessions are held every Thursday morning from 7:30 AM – 8:30 AM.  Grand rounds is given by a faculty member or invited guest.  Our residents to a Grand Case Report once each 4-week block.  During this case, the residents have the opportunity to select a case and present it in detail.  The audience is an integral part of coming to the diagnosis and the resident has the opportunity to give a short presentation on the disease process or condition of the patient.

Evidence Based Medicine:
We have a curriculum with six to eight didactic sessions per year. In addition, each resident is required to be certified in human subject investigation.

Journal Club:
Each PGY-3 has the opportunity to lead one journal club per year, facilitated by a faculty member.  This is the residents’ opportunity to learn to read the medical literature confidently and critically. 

Board Preparation:
Each PGY-3 resident participates in a block-long Board Review Rotation. In addition, board review sessions are conducted through the academic year. The program also provides board review materials for all residents.