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A learning community is a group of individuals, sharing common goals, values, and ideas, that actively engages in learning with and from each other. Faculty learning communities aid faculty in addressing the learning needs of its students as well as the teaching and mentoring needs of their peers. Learning communities are becoming increasingly popular in the medical education community. The MSM Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) seeks to strengthen the mentoring and networking skills of MSM faculty as well as offer professional development and support.



Our faculty learning communities include:


Women in Science and Medicine Learning Community

A set of discussions and workshops offering development and networking for women faculty and staff members.
 Men of MSM Panel

Men of Morehouse School Of Medicine Learning Community

  • A learning community for male students, professionals, and faculty that includes networking and mentoring opportunities.
Mentorseries Mentoring Series A set of training designed to enhance small group facilitation skills, mentoring skills,  communication skills, and other skills pertinent to MSM faculty mentors.
 QEP BookClub The QEP Book Club  A series of discussions featuring books that promote faculty skills and/or insight.
 Teaching Academy The Teaching Academy A resource guide designed to promote teaching, career, and mentoring development.
 Researchlc  The Research and Diversity Learning Community A learning community for the research faculty at MSM that includes discussions on getting published and grant writing.