M.S. in Medical Sciences Student Achievement

Graduation Rate

The MSMS program prepares learners to matriculate into medical school (or other health professions doctoral degree).  Individuals who do not complete the degree but do successfully matriculate into health professions school are considered to be successful. The completion rate is a measure of success for this program. The Completion Rate is defined as the number of students who gained acceptance into schools of medicine immediately after Year 1 and those who completed the 2-year degree.

  • Completing Rate Threshold: 90% within 2 years of matriculation
  • Actual for Student Entering 2014-2018: 92%


The selection and support of students in the MSMS program should be sufficient to keep attrition rates below 10 percent.  

Students who leave the MSMS program after one year to matriculate in Medical School are not counted in the attrition rate—despite not having graduated, these students have met the goals of the MSMS program in that they have been able to matriculate into medical school.

  • Attrition Threshold: Less than 10%
  • Attrition Rate (Actual for Students Entering 2014 – 2018): 7.8%

Track Record of Success Graph

MSMS Student Retention Dashboard


The time to degree is calculated as the average number of year(s) it takes a student to complete the degree.

  • Threshold: Within 2 years
  • Actual for Students Entering 2014 - 2018: 2 years

Post-Enrollment Success

The Master of Science in Medical Sciences degree program is designed to enhance the credentials of its students for entry into health professional/ doctoral graduate programs and prepare them for entry in health professional and biomedical sciences doctoral programs:

  • GPA enhancement of 3.5 or better threshold: 90%
  • Actual for Students Entering 2012-2018: 82% of students have completed with a GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Health professions/Biomedical Sciences (Doctoral) Acceptance Threshold: 90%
  • Actual Acceptance Rate (for Students Matriculating 2012 – 2018): 91% of graduates accepted to health professions/biomedical sciences (doctoral) programs **87% acceptance into MD programs specifically**