Biochemistry & Nutrition Faculty

Vincent C. Bond, Ph.D.
Research Interest: Understanding host-HIV-1 interactions leading to pathogenesis. Host manipulation by HIV-1.

Ruben Gonzalez-Perez, Ph.D.
Research Interest: Leptin signaling in cancer.

Jacqueline Hibbert, Ph.D.
Research Interest: Metabolic responses to disease with emphasis on sickle cell disease. Stable isotope tracer analysis of disease effects on protein and energy nutritional requirements.

Deborah A. Lyn, Ph.D.
Research Interest: Genetic markers and mechanisms associated with a susceptibility to cardiovascular and infectious diseases.

Julian Menter, Ph.D.
Research Interest: Photochemistry and photobiology of skin cancer and skin aging; photoprotection by fabric materials.

William Roth, Ph.D.
Research Interest: DNA sequencing.
Email: wroth

Gary L. Sanford, Ph.D.
Research Interest: Cellular and molecular adaptation of endothelial cells to modeled microgravity; Mechanisms of vasculogenesis during early lung development; Role of nitric oxide, COX-2, and galectin-3 in breast cancer metastasis.