Graduate Medical Education

ivonyeThe Graduate Medical Office supports and provides oversight to all of its seven ACGME accredited residency and three fellowship programs. As the Designated Institutional Official, I am committed to ensuring that our residents and fellows receive quality educational experiences and the necessary resources to successfully complete their training.

MSM GME provides a very competitive fringe benefit package to residents including excellent health coverage.  Our programs provide vacation and sick leave benefits and wellness programs that are competitive nationally. 

I enjoy teaching , mentoring, and interacting with residents and fellows. I value residents and fellows input and feedback on improving our institution and programs. My expectations for MSM GME Residents and Fellows are to:

  • Be compassionate ,dedicated ,professional  and provide top-quality care to our patients
  • Contribute to and be part of solutions to improve and innovate our institution
  • Be an advocate for best practices in medicine, cultural humility and community service

Please feel free to contact the GME Office with questions or concerns. 

Chinedu Ivonye, MD, FACP
Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education & ACGME Designated Institutional Official