Collaborating Organizations

The Research Division's leadership within the Southeast Regional Clinicians' Network (SERCN) allows us to collaborate with various organizations across the U.S.

Patient Advisory Board 

SERCN conducted a network-wide engagement effort with patient leaders to recruit members for our Patient Advisory Board. This process resulted in the selection of 8 Patient Advisory Board members who have engaged in a layperson-oriented research learning community in 2019-2020. Please meet our Patient Advisory Board Members! 

Helenor Bell

Helenor Thomas Bell (AL) is a native of Lowndes County, Alabama. In October of 2004, Mrs. Bell was sworn in as mayor of Hayneville, Alabama and served until 2012. She was the first African American female to be elected mayor in Hayneville and in Lowndes County. Mrs. Bell served two terms as president of the Alabama Conference of Black Mayors. During her tenure, she met at the White House with President Barack Obama, as well as Attorney General Eric Holder, to discuss pressing issues in the Black Belt region. Currently, Mrs. Bell co‐owns and operates with her husband, Bell Funeral Home in Hayneville, Alabama and Bell−Lee Funeral Home in Montgomery, Alabama. She is also a li‐ censed funeral director and the CEO of HT Bell Connections.

Kristey Brantley

Kristie Brantley (GA) began her career as a social worker with the Department of Family and Children Services in 1996. She worked for two and a half years as a child abuse investigator. In July 1999, she began as the first coordinator for the Johnson County Family Connection Collaborative. She has been able to help improve the lives of children and families for the last 20 years in her community. Ms. Brantley became a board member in 2016 for the Community Health Care Systems of Georgia and has enjoyed sharing all of the resources available to her community from this excellent health care provider. Kristie is most proud of the School Based Health Clinic provided by the CHCs in her school system. She has been married for 22 years to Cal Brantley and they have two amazing children, Callie age 19 and Clay age 13.

Tania Davila

Tania Davila (TN) works in the healthcare industry as a lead of operations at a renal pharmacy. She is the first in her family to pursue a post‐secondary education and holds a B.S. in nutrition and food science from Middle Tennessee State University. She is passionate about encouraging young adults, specifically minorities and underprivileged students, to seek higher education.

Yvonne Davis

Yvonne G. Davis (SC) is a native of Marion County, and mother of two: Evette Grant of Charlotte, North Carolina and Corey/April Grant from right here in Florence. Grandmother of 4 Raven, Jarod, Faith, and Cortney. She's also referred to as second mother to many. A veteran of Higher Education, Ms. Davis served in the James A. Rogers Library of Francis Marion Univ. as the Acquisitions Coordinator and retired Library Manager in 2014 after 34 years. Ms. Davis was a founding member & a past president of the FMU African American Faculty & Staff Coalition. She also helped organize and implement one, if not the Best African American Collections in the state of SC located in the James A. Rogers Library.

Alfred Haskin, Jr.

Alfred Haskin, Jr. (AL) is a US Marine Corps veteran and resident of Demopolis, AL. Mr. Haskin has worked in the retail industry for the past twenty years and is currently a Team Leader for Tractor Supply Company while serving on the board of directors for Rural Medical Healthcare Program based in Selma, AL for the past two years. Mr. Haskin is a 1987 graduate of Demopolis High School in Demopolis, AL and a member of the St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church in Demopolis where he serves as Deacon.

Michael Howard

Michael Howard (MS) has devoted over twenty years in volunteering his time and service to community organization and development in Mississippi. In 1988, Michael was selected to serve on the Board of Directors for a MS Community Health Center, Family Health Care Clinic. He is currently employed as a Youth Services Counselor with the Department of Human Services in Mississippi. He has held this position combined over twenty‐five years in the Institutional (Reform School) setting and now in the Community (Youth Court) setting. Michael’s desire is to become fully engaged in helping to promote and highlight the importance of Community Health Centers in our communities.

Deborah Morrison

Deborah D. Morrison (NC) was born and raised in Hampton, Virginia. She currently resides in Winton, North Carolina (Hertford County), where she is a Magistrate Judge (District 6) for the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts. She is the Vice‐Chair of the Roanoke Chowan Community Health Center Board and Chair of the Hertford County Department of Social Services Board. Deborah has served on numerous boards and graduated from several leadership programs. Deborah is a 12‐ year breast cancer survivor! She is excited about life, rarely meets a stranger and believes community service is vitally important, and service is at the core of who we are.

Betty Megan Williams

Betty Megan Williams (KY) is a native of Means, Kentucky. She has served as the Kentucky Patient Advisory Board Member since summer of 2019. Mrs. Williams is an assistant prosecutor in Menifee County, Kentucky and maintains her private practice as well. To date, Mrs. Williams considers her greatest accomplishments her family, a supportive husband, three bonus daughters, and rambunctious son.