Research Interests

Key research interests include: Circadian Rhythms, Stroke, Epilepsy, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Neurovirology/Neuroimmunology and Physiology of Sleep & Sleep Disorders. Learn more about the research conducted in the Neuroscience Institute.

Circadian Rhythms and Sleep

  • Dr. K. Baba
  • Dr. O. Castanon-Cervantes
  • Dr. A. Davidson
  • Dr. J. DeBruyne
  • Dr. C. Ehlen
  • Dr. G. Tosini 

Stroke, Epilepsy and Neuroprotection

  • Dr. M. Benveniste 
  • Dr. R. Meller
  • Dr. S. Namura
  • Dr. K. Shepherd
  • Dr. R. Simon
  • Dr. R. Sloviter
  • Dr. T. White
  • Dr. Z. Xiong
  • Dr. A. Zhou

Ocular Biology

  • Dr. K. Baba
  • Dr. W. Lo
  • Dr. P. MacLeish
  • Dr. G. Tosini