Morehouse School of Medicine Physician Assistant Program

PA Program Admissions

How to Apply

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Morehouse School of Medicine Physician Assistant program.  If you have any questions in the application process or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact the PA Program at or call (404) 752-1613.

The application cycle will open April 28th. The cycle will close September 1st.

1. CASPA Application

The MSM PA program participates in the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants. The online application deadline is Sept 1st. The fee is based on the number of programs to which an applicant applies. All candidates must submit official transcripts from the regionally accredited universities or colleges directly to CASPA. Transcripts should not be sent to MSM. For questions about completing the online application, please contact CASPA at

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2. Letters of Reference

The MSM PA Program requires applicants to submit three letters of reference directly to CASPA. Letters of reference from a PA or physician, academic professor and former employer are recommended.  All three letters must be submitted to CASPA to complete the application.  Only complete applications will be reviewed.

3.  PA-CAT or GRE

The Morehouse School of Medicine Admissions Committee has considered feedback from potential applicants for the Class of 2025 and has decided to make the following changes and clarifications:
We will accept scores for either the GRE or PA-CAT standardized tests during this application cycle, however we would like to acknowledge the PA-CAT is indicated to have a better predictive value on student success in physician assistant programs and may provide more valuable insight for the program admission decisions.  Please note applicants are required to submit scores for only one of these exams.  (not both)   Additonally, there is no minimum score for these tests required for consideration of your application.  

Please ensure that Morehouse School of Medicine PA Program is selected as the institution to receive your score report in your PA-CAT Score Portal. To select Morehouse School of Medicine PA Program as a score receiving school, log into your PA-CAT Score Portal at  

The MSM PA Program requires applicants to submit official scores for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) taken within the past five years.  Applicant scores must be directly reported from ETS to CASPA.  Use GRE Institution Code 2552. 

You may submit all standardized tests scores (GRE or PA-CAT) through September 1st.

4. Health Care Experience

The MSM PA Program requires applicants to complete a minimum 500 hours of direct patient care experiences (e.g., EMT or paramedic, health educator, RN, patient care attendant or nurse’s aide, clinic assistant, Peace Corps volunteer or other cross-cultural health care experience, technologist, therapist, clinical research assistant, etc.). Documentation for these items must be submitted directly to CASPA.

5. Physician Assistant Shadowing

The MSM PA Program does not require a minimum number of PA shadowing hours.  While this is not a requirement, we strongly recommend applicants complete shadowing hours with physician assistants to gain exposure to the scope of practice.  

Please be aware that submission of your application can be completed with two (2) outstanding prerequisite courses. Admission will be contingent upon the successful completion of all requirements.
Any questions or concerns about your application can be directed to If you have previously submitted a question and have not received an answer, we encourage you to contact us again.

Required Pre-Matriculation Coursework

The MSM PA program offers a pre-matriculation course as part of the Student Success Program.  Students selected to matriculate in June are required to complete all assigned pre-matriculation coursework.  The course content is designed to provide science foundation knowledge and student skill development to ensure students are better prepared to succeed and meet the program outcomes.  Students will complete an initial baseline exam as well as scientific course modules in Physiology, Microbiology, Anatomy, and Biochemistry.  Additionally, students will be equipped with time-management skills, techniques for notetaking, high-impact study and test-taking, and ways of coping with the stresses of graduate-level education and avoiding burnout. Students will be provided a suggested timeline for the completion of all modules; however, all assigned modules are due prior to matriculation.  (First day of classes)

Advanced Placement and Transfers

All courses and academic activities are required. There is no provision for exemption of classes, part-time participation, advanced placement or transfer of academic credit at this time.

Prerequisite Coursework

Click here for a list of all prerequisite coursework.

Application Checklist

Click here for the PA Program application checklist.

Admissions Process

Click here for a complete explanation of the PA Program's admissions process.

Information Sessions

The PA program will begin hosting information sessions spring 2022.  The sessions will feature details about the PA profession, admissions requirements, class selections, the didactic curriculum and expectations for the clinical year. A Q&A session will be included after the presentation.

Additional Information Sessions

We will also host a 2022 CASPA Virtual Admissions Fair.  

More information to come! 

** The Admissions Committee will review all completed applications and will extend invitations for on-campus interviews to those candidates with competitive applications. 

All prerequisites should be completed within the past 7 years. All prerequisite courses must also be completed before students matriculate into the MSM PA Program. Applicants applying to the 2022-2023 application cycle may have only 2 outstanding prerequisite courses at the time of the application submission. Upon completion of the outstanding prerequisites, an updated official transcript must be sent to the MSM PA Program.