QEP Planning Committees

QEP Planning Team/Committee Responsibilities and Members 2020


QEP Committee/Team (2020)


The Academic Leadership Team is comprised of the deans of the MSM academic programs, the President and Dean, and the Senior Academic Dean and held the responsibilities of:

  • Approving the overall vision for the IPE/QEP program
  • Identifying faculty to participate on curriculum development team and implementation team
  • Identifying their academic program accreditation requirements that need to be included in the IPE program
  • Dr. Ngozi Anachebe
  • Dr. Pangela Dawson
  • Dr. Martha Elks
  • Dr. Stephanie Miles-Richardson
  • Dr. Meryl McNeal
  • Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice
  • Dr. Doug Paulsen

The Curriculum Development Team is comprised of faculty members with curriculum specialties from each academic program and held the responsibilities of:

  • Developing curriculum components
  • Developing student learning objectives and syllabus


  • Ms. Stephanie Banks
  • Ms. Roselle Caruth
  • Ms. Felicia Slaton
  • Dr. Pangela Dawson
  • Dr. Danita Eatman
  • Dr. Martha Elks
  • Dr. Rita Finley
  • Dr. Lilly Immergluck
  • Dr. LeKeisha Jackson
  • Dr. Aleeia Johnson
  • Dr. Khadeja Johnson
  • Dr. Ward Kirlin
  • Dr. Karen Russell Randall
  • Dr. Jinjie Zheng
  • Dr. Elaine Archie-Booker

The Curriculum Implementation Team is comprised of the learning experience directors and the faculty interested in teaching the learning experience. Faculty were representative of numerous health and research fields including medicine, biomedical research and public health.  Their responsibilities were:

  • Providing input on planned implementation areas of improvement
  • Dr. Donny Ard
  • Dr. Elaine Archie-Booker
  • Ms. Stephanie Banks
  • Dr. Gilberte Bastien
  • Dr. Pangela Dawson
  • Dr. Khadeja Johnson 
  • Dr. Danita Eatman 
  • Dr. Jalal Ghali
  • Dr. Janice Hall
  • Dr. Angelita Howard
  • Dr. Kofi Kondwani
  • Dr. Mary Langley
  • Dr. Karen Randall
  • Ms. Felicia Slaton
  • Dr. Yasmin Tyler-Hill

The Digital Learning Team includes faculty and staff digital learning specialists from the Office of Digital Learning. Their expertise was needed particularly for the formation of the   Connections Learning Experience online modules.  Their responsibilities were:

  • Assisting with the development of the QEP-IPE Canvas course
  • Developing IPE curriculum videos
  • Providing Canvas training


  • Office of Digital Learning Faculty & Staff

The Evaluation & Assessment Team includes faculty and staff with evaluation and assessment expertise and experience Their responsibilities were:

  • Developing the QEP Evaluation plan
  • Providing consultation for the creation of QEP student learning objectives


  • Dr. Elaine Archie-Booker
  • Dr. Donny Ard
  • Dr. Danita Eatman Daniels
  • Dr. Khadeja Johnson
  • Dr. Meryl McNeal
  • Dr. Ashley K. Mitchell

The Promotions Team includes promotional specialist from the Marketing and Communications Department and QEP staff. Their responsibility was:

  • Developing promotional materials appropriate to share with the MSM family and internal and external stakeholders


  • Office of Marketing and Communications staff
  • Dr. Ashley K. Mitchell
  • Mr. James Ofori
  • Ms. Linda Simmons

The QEP Advisory Board functions as the sounding board for all team progress. This Board is one example of the QEP’s dedication to establishing partnerships with the MSM community. The QEP Advisory Board serves in an advisory role to the Director of the Quality Enhancement Plan. Their charge was:

  • Being well informed of QEP mission, goals and practices.
  • Representing an academic or administrative domain on the Board.
  • Providing strategic advice and support to the QEP Leadership on a variety of issues.
  • Being an advocate and promote positive public relations for the QEP.
  • Attending and participating in meetings. When unavailable for a meeting, the board member sent a designee in their absence.
  • Reviewing and advising on QEP policy, procedures, educational activities, and other documents associated with the development of the QEP.


  • Dr. Elaine Archie-Booker
  • Dr. Erika Brown
  • Dr. Pangela Dawso
  • Dr. Danita Eatman
  • Dr. Martha Elks
  • Dr. Virginia Floyd
  • Ms. Garrya Hatton-Dunston
  • Dr. David Hefner
  • Dr. Janice Herbert Carter
  • Dr. Khadeja Johnson
  • Dr. Ashley K. Mitchell
  • Dr. David Levine
  • Dr. Gail Mattox
  • Dr. Jamillah McDaniel
  • Dr. Meryl McNeal
  • Dr. Katherine Napier
  • Dr. Folashade Omole
  • Dr. John Patrickson
  • Dr. Desiree Rivers
  • Ms. Grace Sun
  • Dr. Beverly Taylor
  • Dr. Jinjie Zheng

The Student IPE Council consists of two student representatives from each student population participating in the Learning Experience. Their charge was as follows:

  • Developing a fall and spring interdisciplinary teambuilding, educational activity
  • Providing input into the IPE program
  • Meeting periodically with QEP staff and IPE leadership
  • Communicating and promoting IPE program with MSM students



  • Alexis Clark (MSBR Student)
  • Jessica Robinson (MSMS Student)
  • Mikaili Abdullah (PHD Student)
  • Alexandria Blake (PA Student)
  • Kabriel Moorehead (PA Student)
  • Courtney Smart (PA Student)
  • Vanessa Morman (MPH Student)
  • Capella Sagastume (MPH Student)
  • Frantz Soiro (MPH Student)
  • Nora Jean-Baptiste (MD Student)
  • Dominick Canady (MD Student)
  • Olivia Ogba (MD Student)


The Training Team includes faculty and staff with content knowledge and experience appropriate for IPE training. Their responsibilities were:

  • Developing required IPE training for faculty
  • Providing training to clinical faculty working with IPE students
  • Dr. Khadeja Johnson
  • Dr. Danita Eatman
  • Dr. Elaine Archie-Booker
  • Dr. Ashley K. Mitchell
  • Office of Counseling Services
  • Faculty and staff experts on training topics

The Writing Team includes designated faculty and staff with expertise in the content knowledge associated with the writing of the QEP as well as document editors. Their responsibility was:

  • Writing and reviewing the Quality Enhancement Plan document
  • Committee and Team Members