Barney Graham, MD

Barney Graham, MD 

Senior Advisor for Global Health Equity

Clinical Trials Physician, Immunologist, and Virologist

Microbiology, Biochemistry & Immunology


Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Clinical Fellowship: Infectious Diseases

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Residency: Chief Resident, Internal Medicine

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Residency: Resident, Internal Medicine

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Internship: Internal Medicine

Vanderbilt University
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy

University of Kansas, School of Medicine
Degree: Doctor of Medicine

Rice University
Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa

Board Certification

  • Medical License: M.D., Maryland, Registration #D57838
  • Board Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine, 1983, #94606
  • American Board of Infectious Diseases,1986, #94606


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  • Graham B, Fremon F. Continuous psychomotor seizures presenting as a long-standing mental illness. Southern Medical Journal 1982; 74:505-506.
  • Graham BS, Reiss TF, Gregory DW. Pericarditis associated with Hemophilus influenzae type B pneumonia and bacteremia in two adults. Chest 1983; 84:48-50.
  • Graham BS, Snell JD. Herpes simplex virus infection of the adult lower respiratory tract. Medicine 1983; 62:384-393.
  • Graham BS, Hinson MV, Bennett SR, Gregory DW, Schaffner W. Acid-fast bacilli on buffy coat smears in the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome: A lesson from Hansen's bacillus. Southern Medical Journal 1984; 77:246-248.
  • Graham B, Wong SW. Cancer cellulitis. Southern Medical Journal 1984; 77:277-278.
  • Rabin PL, Graham BS. Counterfeit calculi. Southern Medical Journal 1984; 77:304-307.
  • Graham BS, Tucker WS. Opportunistic infections in endogenous Cushing's syndrome. Annals of Internal Medicine 1984; 101:334-338.
  • Graham BS, Gregory DW. Pseudomonas aeruginosa causing osteomyelitis after puncture wounds of the foot. Southern Medical Journal 1984; 77:1228-1230.
  • Wheeler AP, Graham BS. Pseudogout presenting with low synovial fluid glucose: Identification of crystals by Gram stain. American Journal of Medical Sciences 1985; 289:68-69.
  • Maples MD, Adkins RB, Graham BS, Dao AH, Scott HW. Pseudotumor of the lung. American Surgeon 1985; 51:84-88.
  • George AL, Hays JT, Graham BS. Blastomycosis presenting as monoarticular arthritis: The role of synovial fluid cytology. Arthritis and Rheumatism 1985; 28:516-521.
  • Fischmann GE, Graham BS. Ludwig's angina: Initial manifestation of oral malignancy. Journal of Oral Surgery 1985; 43:795-796.
  • Graham BS, Lichtenstein MJ, Hinson JM, Theil GB. Non-exertional heatstroke: Physiologic management and cooling times in 14 patients. Archives of Internal Medicine 1986; 146:87-90.
  • Adkins RB, Maples MD, Graham BS, Witt TT, Davies J. Dysphagia associated with an aortic arch anomaly in adults. American Surgeon 1986; 52:238-245.
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Honors and Awards

Major Grant Awards

  • 1985-1988: American College of Physicians Teaching and Research Scholar, "Cell-mediated immunity in RSV infected mice"
  • 1987-2005: NIH NO1-AI-05062, NO1-AI-45210, and UO1-AI-47985, Clinical Trials of Candidate AIDS Vaccines, Establishment of AIDS Vaccine Evaluation Units, HIV Vaccine Clinical Trials Units.
  • 1994-2004: NIH RO1-AI-33933, "RSV-induced patterns of cytokine expression and disease"
  • 1994-1998: NIH RO1-AI-37216 "Influence of cytokine milieu on immune response to RSV"
  • 1999-2004: NIH RO1-AI-45512, “The effect of RSV on allergic airway disease”
  • 2012: NIH/NSFC U.S.-China Collaborative Research Grant, “Structural Basis for Neutralizing Respiratory Syncytial Virus”. Renewed 2013-2016.

Government Awards

  • 2003: Government Special Act or Service Award
  • 2007-2011: Government Staff Recognition or Performance Award
  • 2011: NIAID Merit Award – For Chikungunya vaccine development
  • 2013: NIH Director’s Award – For Malaria vaccine development
  • 2014: NIAID Merit Award - For outstanding performance in solving the prefusion structure of RSV fusion glycoprotein and using that information to guide design of a promising candidate RSV vaccine
  • 2014-2021: Government Staff Recognition or Performance Award
  • 2015: NIH Director’s Award – Ebola vaccine development
  • 2015: NIAID Merit Award – Outstanding achievement in the development of the WHO/NIH collaboration on the Chikungunya virus meeting on gaps and opportunities
  • 2016: NIAID Merit Award – For contributions to the Global Vaccine Action Plan in the “Decade of Vaccines”
  • 2016: NIAID Merit Award – For Zika virus vaccine development
  • 2017: NIH Director’s Award – For Zika virus vaccine development
  • 2017: NIAID Merit Award – For development of US-Cuba scientific collaboration and convening an inaugural bilateral scientific research conference in Cuba
  • 2018: NIAID Merit Award - For effectively developing the framework for a prototype-pathogen approach to pandemic preparedness
  • 2018: NIAID Merit Award - For early adoption and vision in the application of virtual reality and related advanced visualization techniques for biomedical science at NIAID
  • 2021: NIH Director’s Award - For outstanding efforts in the pursuit of efficacious vaccines to prevent COVID-19