MSM Prevention Research Center

20th Year Anniversary Celebration

Faculty, staff, students, and partners were cordially invited to celebrate the Morehouse School of Medicine Prevention Research Center's (MSM PRC) twenty-year history of developing, testing, and/or evaluating public health interventions for wide application, particularly in underserved communities, based on the latest science.

The event, held August 2019, was an opportunity to learn about the community-based participatory research, evaluation and other related health initiatives co-created by community residents and leaders - locally, across the state, nation and the globe. The late Daniel S. Blumenthal, MD, MPH was honored for his visionary leadership and service in establishing the PRC. Dr. Blumenthal served as the founding chair of the department community health and preventive medicine at MSM and was appointed professor emeritus upon his retirement.

Learn more about Dr. Blumenthal by watching the memorial video below.


History of the MSM Prevention Research Center

MSM's Prevention Research Center (PRC) was established in 1998 is one of a network of academic research centers funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to achieve local and national health objectives focused on gaining knowledge about the best methodologies for solving the nation's obstinate health problems. It was the first PRC in Georgia and is the only Historically Black College and University funded, nationally.

The mission is to advance scientific knowledge in the field of prevention in African American and other minority communities and to disseminate new information and strategies of prevention.

The theme of the MSM PRC is: Risk Reduction and Early Detection in African American and Other Minority Communities: Coalition for Prevention Research.

Over $55 million in competitive federal and private funding has sustained the MSM PRC since its inception. MSM PRC has worked cooperatively with the communities in which its research is being conducted, most notably through the formation of MSM PRC Community Coalition Board, including a majority of representatives from communities directing the research agenda and PRC activities. The research foci of MSM PRC include but are not limited to:

  • reduction of HIV risk behavior
  • cancer prevention
  • youth violence prevention and reduction
  • adolescent health promotion
  • men's health promotion
  • environmental health
  • cardiovascular disease prevention